Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome Lizards

A hearty welcome to visitors from Little Green Footballs, my fellow lizards! To explain to my regular visitors-Charles Johnson has his big "anti-idiotarian" blog. That is a blog for serious discussion of issues deemed worthy by the attentive host. LGF was first famous for exposing the Reuters "fauxtography" or fake shots of phony atrocities by Israel in the summer war in Lebanon. I grew to respect it then.

Charles later earned the anger of the left when he outed the false documents about then President George Bush. This ended Dan Rather's career in network news. Later it turned out his assistant knew the documents were fake, and Dan lost his lawsuit against CBS. Lately the blog has angered the political right by attacking the extremely shrill tone and foolish substance of many pundits, politicians and Republican operatives. Charles calls these things as he see them without regard to partisan ideologies. Now that's what I call an independent thinker. Use the link on the right to explore Little Green Footballs for yourself.

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