Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Black & White Film At Grand Canyon

I am now officially an impatient photographer. Early in my career I shot film like everyone else, and I sure loved my tri -X from Kodak. I can't count the rolls I went through. This time I had a borrowed Pentax 645, a 120 film camera with my beloved Tri-X. The wait for the lab was frustrating. I'm spoiled by digital.

I'm no longer used to 120 film handling. I ruined a roll or two with mishandling. Lost a whole roll of Portra that way. And some lomo.

Anyway after the lab developed the big negatives I was excited. I had the great people at Camera Craft North Hollywood scan them for me so I could digitally work the shots a bit. What follows is shot on the Pentax, with 400 ISO Tri-X that I actually shot at ISO 200, and I used a yellow filter to enhance tones and contrast.

Please do compare the color and monochromatic sunset shots, they are from the same spot, at the same time. The composition is just a bit different as I had carefully angled the foreground bush into the color shot. With the Pentax I was thinking clouds, bright sun and canyon walls. 

I hope you will agree it worked out pretty well.

More to come later these are the first two through the full process.

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I think they're lovely! said...

I think they are lovely!