Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Flash Question

Part of the job is dealing with the venue rules. This club had a no video/no flash posting on a small sign near the front door. Given this is more of a dinner club than many places like the Viper Room, I was not surprised. But some fans were using little point and shoot cameras and the flash. Nobody said a word so I stuck a few flash shots in. For comparison I offer one each. The shots have very different looks. The club had very low lighting, I was at ISO 3200 wide open 4.5 lens and 1/30th exposure. No way could I shoot at a lower ISO or shutter. These wre shot two seconds apart.

So I ask you to comment which is better to your eye? The top image is without flash, the lower image with flash. Anonymous comments are allowed. No need to register.


Fee said...

I love a no flash pic if the lighting is right, its moody and I love it!!! So of course I prefer the first photo.

I sometimes think that the flash makes it too bright and you lose the mood and the colours.

SNDreamer said...

I totally agree with what Fee said

I take all my band photos without a flash