Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angry Counter Protesters

The man pictured above was a foul mouthed embarrassment to his side of the issues. He kept pushing the borders of decency and the LAPD zone. I saw him gently reminded to step back several times. A group of people in opposition the the Tea Party Express were quite angry in tone and insulting in verbiage. They were firmly in support of a big public option and gay marriage.

This attitude was in stark contrast to the fiscal conservatives they were there to protest against. Anytime any tea party participant approached the buffer zone they were instantly rewarded with taunts and insults. Racist and fascist were the kinder and gentler insults offered. To their credit the Tea Party people would have none of that sort of argument. Every conservative calmly walked away from the insults.

If class and conduct matters the day went to the tea party people.

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