Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dreading ERROR 99

Stepping up into pro photography has its perils. I do not (yet) have two good DSLR's. I have my cherished 40D and it just had a major failure, at a performance shoot at the Roxy. Crossed Keys was my assignment and after four shots the camera quit showing Error 99. I may well need to commit to a new Rebel ($800) or maybe a 50D body for backup for about $1,200. OUCH!

Camera Craft of North Hollywood took care of me with Canon. At no charge the had my camera fixed, which required the shutter assembly to be replaced. Ouch! Now its like a new camera, with a new shutter. I have no idea what caused this, despite a 100,000 frame guarantee from Canon, I have to wonder if the six shot per second mode is more like driving my car at top speed rather than a freeway smooth 65 mph.

Certain shoots call for this high speed mode. Sports, live music etc. Or catching a laser in action as the picture for this post shows!

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