Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jason Pinfold-The under-appreciated side of the band.

This is a special edition post-Twofold. First, Jason is one wicked good percussionist. As the "new" (a year or so I think) member of the band, some are less familiar with him. For photography, the drummer is always in back and almost always under-lit to not upstage the vocalist. Getting good shots back of the stage is an appealing challenge to me.

Second I want to specifically thank the fans in Australia. When I post Juke Kartel, suddenly this blog gets lots and lots of visits. Many from Australia so you Aussies get my thanks for coming by and enjoying my photography. Some of you are even kind enough to dig down through older posts and take in my other shots such as the local fires or landscape shots.

So without further ado, thanks Jason, and thanks Aus!!!!! If you click on the shot you will link to a screen-saver sized version, on a PC you can right click and make this your screen-saver. With my compliments!


Adelle said...

Aussies love your work, Daniel....and your subject matter.
You take an awesome shot! :)

Fee said...

No thank you Daniel. Loving your work not just your JK gold xx

SNDreamer said...

We Aussies love you for bringing us some JK love....
So thank you

And Jay is definitely not under appreciated over here in Australia
We all love him ♥