Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is it Real or is it Photoshop?

It seems my friends are more likely to ask offline-How much of Kevin or my work is "Photoshop"? Okay-For this site these are the rules- Unless clearly stated otherwise! We do not add or remove elements for modification. We do use the modern equivalent of film lab work in the ordinary sense-Cropping, contrast, color adjustments, scratch/dust removal. We do use filters on our lenses or lights as desired. Thats it. Our work is real. All elements seen were really there. Like this ring made of metals from my work (the day job!) in sophisticated jewelry alloys.

While I enjoy photo art in all its forms-I have a personal disdain for deceiving folks in news reports with "Fauxtography" as seen in certain negligent yet internationally respected (go figure) news sources. I think my most extreme edits so far are picture #1 in my first post here, and the bee wings. One was a fountain tilted 90 degrees, the other a rather extreme crop to show what mega pixels really do for us.

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