Monday, October 8, 2007

Tech stuff for the Bahamas photos

Yeah -- needless to say that vacation was an important one...! Thankfully everything went well and even if it didn't there was plenty of Bahamian beer to ease the stress. Anyhow, onto the point of this post -- tech stuff. I made both pics with my rugged and reliable Canon EOS 10D. I've had it for a few years and it does have its limitations, but the image quality is superb -- especially when combined with the two "L" series lenses that I own. Both the images were shot initially as RAW files and then converted to TIFFs for some minor tweaking. "Gazebo" (with L & L-mini as I call them) was shot at ISO 100 at 1/200 sec @ F9 using a 17-40mm F4L zoom at about the 20mm setting. I used a 430 EX flash dialed down 1.5 stops for just a little fill light and to ease the harsh contrast of noon light. The Versailles Garden pic (yes, it is an actual miniature recreation of its namesake in France, commissioned by the original owner of what is now called "Paradise Island" sometime in the 1930s...) was also shot at ISO 100 at 1/250 sec @ F8. I took out the color (the 10D does not have an in camera B&W mode) and increased the contrast with Photoshop Elements to try and mimic Kodak's wonderful TX 400 film.

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