Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mariposa @ Griffith Park Observatory

Easily the most difficult shots I ever even got close to getting. Apart from the shot of the butterfly on the pine needles, it was on the fly all around this picnic area. Maddeningly the focus was the most difficult aspect. I have now, after the fact learned to change the focus points as I see fit with a 7D. Switchology held me back here a bit. Composition? Hah! Random. Not as sharp as I would like but hey, these are the few successes of about 50 frames.

I rented this great lens, and had such a good time with it I bought it when I got back to Camera craft. Lens comes with a hood, and I got a polarizing filter. Essential in California sun and glare. It is the Tamrom 18-200mm lens. Yes, 18 to 200! Not a fast lens light wise, but very fast auto focus.

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