Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 4x5 View Camera

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A photographer I know who works about as differently as another photographer can (from my macro tabletop style) brought his 4x5 view camera to Studio 11. This is a camera with the accordion bellows and the ability to tilt the front lens part and the rear film part around. This lets one push the focal plane around a great deal. Stephen Benskin does art photography in 4x5 film format, black and white lanscapes. Great stuff.

Anyway he brought his camera and gave me a long lesson on the view camera. To make a four hour session story short-I learned a ton. He scanned one one of the resulting negatives, and sent me the file. I then gave it a thorough workout in Photoshop to fix my rookie mistakes in exposure and color balance. Note to myself-Portra 160 or maybe the scan really blues up my 5000k lit tabletop studio. Next time-warmer light. Or Kodachrome? The subjects were a couple big CZ diamond simulated gems, and real 24kt gold grain, the kind jewelers use to make 18 karat gold.

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