Sunday, November 25, 2007

Auto Focus and Camera settings

Now this is where my first generation D SLR frustrates me sometimes. With my new 40D on backorder, the ones that get away are maddening! I may have had my camera in the wrong mode but I thought not. UPDATE-Kevin helped me with an explanation of metering settings-I had it in "center weighted averaging" metering mode. This affects auto focusing. Anyway look at the sequence-the first shot is in focus, as I follow the cat and keep shooting the camera kept the first focus setting despite auto focus. Imagine this happening to you at a wedding job! Next I will try to duplicate this in "partial" and "evaluative" metering modes. On a Canon, these are displayed as an icon a bit like the CBS logo (Evaluative) two part circles (partial) or blank (CWA). Good thing pepper likes to run back and forth!
BTW we call these snapdragons her "snackdragons". She chews away on them until we get her to the kitty grass.

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